Lumine Offices – Tokyo

  Photography :  Nacasa & Partners

PhotographyNacasa & Partners

Canuch Inc. realized the design of the offices for Lumine, a commercial facilities operator, located in Tokyo, Japan.

Lumine Co., Ltd. is an operator of commercial facilities in and around the Tokyo area, targeting women in their 20s and 30s. We conducted a large-scale renovation of their offices, the first in 20 years, with the objectives of promoting communication between departments and with the shop floor, creating an environment where staff can express themselves flexibly and focus on creative work, and building on reforms of working practices to improve operational efficiency.

In order to solve the problem of a lack of horizontal communication between departments, we removed physical barriers and placed a flexible shared space, known as a “campfire”, in the middle of the office to act as a hub. In addition, as zoning to encourage incidental communication and promote activity-based working, we moved the drink stand and print station next to each other.

The campfire encompasses multiple functions. As well as installing a news stand and library where people can catch up on the latest trends and information, it is laid out and equipped for holding employee workshops and seminars, letting them obtain ideas for thinking up and developing projects. It is an area where people can find inspiration and stimulation, deepening the knowledge to fulfill Lumine’s guiding principle of “creating delight beyond your expectations.”