Allseating's New NeoCon 2019 Showroom to Explore Individualism and Movement

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Allseating is gearing up for an exciting NeoCon this year with a completely redesigned showroom that will feature strategically placed, interactive installations that encourage attendees to look at things differently. The showroom will mirror the flexibility, movement and mobility of the modern workplace.

Attendees can expect to preview a third collaboration with world-renowned designer Carl Gustav Magnusson, a new 'resimercial' lounge and ergonomic task seating from award-winning designer Todd Yetman, and phase 3 of Nick Gillissie's revolutionary Exchange seating system that will allow for over 180,000 unique layouts and configurations. Allseating will also be previewing a new proprietary conference design by internal Designer, Nita Chakravarty and a brand new collection of textiles from Italian-born designer and architect, Emanuela Frattini Magnusson. The patterns will complement Allseating's lounge furniture such as Exchange, Jif, and Ayles..

Entitled: “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere, Allseating”, the showroom draws parallels to the different ways we work in today's society. Flexibility, choice, movement, technology and ergonomics are all pertinent elements in the conception and design of the collections that Allseating will have on display this year. Further, the idea of individualism and the power of choice are at the foundation of each debut — considering the mobility and preferences of the new generations entering the workforce.