A Breakdown of Cesto by Khodi Feiz for Studio TK


For 2018, Amsterdam-based Feiz Design Studio created a four-piece collection of interactive seating for work environments. Designed for Studio TKCesto, which is Spanish for “basket,” offers mobile options for planned or spur of the moment seating groups. The lightweight, pouf-based seats can easily be picked up and moved to any location making them a comfortable option for any office space. For this month’s Deconstruction, we asked designer Khodi Feiz to walk us through his design process to see how the Cesto Pouf with Back came about:

“As a designer, I tend to need a few intuitive ‘crutches’ to give my work a certain structure. Throughout the years, I have found that the search for clarity, concept and context can fulfill most of the basic paradigms I look for in my designs. I do not use this as a sort of checklist to make sure I answer, but as a sort of subconscious guiding light to drive me to where my work should be.”

“The ‘concept’ for the Cesto family is a series of basket-like objects that share the same base but change functionality dependent on how you fill them; the ‘clarity’ comes from its pared down formal and graphical gesture, a soft squared form split in half by a graphic separation top and base, which is inviting; And, objects defined by the social aspects of meeting and collaborating within the work domain define the ’context’.”