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Since 2018 interlübke has belonged to bed manufacturer Schramm and Philipp Schramm has been CEO since then. We spoke to him about the present and future of interlübke.

Fabian Peters: What prompted the Schramm family to take on interlübke, a company that had recently gotten into deep water?

Philipp Schramm: Ultimately, the decision was actually more of an emotional one: Such an important company that over the last fifty years has so decisively shaped furniture culture in Germany, perhaps even in the whole of Europe, should not be allowed to fail. So, we decided to make interlübke a family-run business again, as it was for many decades.

Were ideas floated before this to expand beyond bed manufacture?

Philipp Schramm: Even though we never followed that idea through to its logical conclusion we did think about it of course. As bed manufacturers it would make sense for us to also offer wardrobes. For example, to date we have always needed cooperation partners for our Asian showrooms. But it certainly wasn’t the case that we were looking for a firm to take over.

Your father Axel Schramm and your mother Angela jointly run the firm in the third generation. You are the oldest of four children. Was it only logical that you would be the person to take the fate of interlübke into your hands?

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Philipp Schramm: About three years ago my parents called a family council of sorts, at which we discussed these very topics: What interests do each of us have? How does everyone see themselves and how are they seen by the others? What strengths do we each have? And it turned out that my siblings see me as heading the company in the long term. So, we were quick to agree that I should take over as CEO at interlübke.