LINAK U.S. Inc. Celebrates 25 Years in Louisville, Kentucky

LINAK U.S. Inc., a worldwide leader in electric linear actuation solutions, is celebrating 25 years of business in Louisville, KY for their North and South American headquarters. What started in a garage in 1994, is now one of the 25 largest manufacturers in Louisville, KY. With the market growing fast in the US, LINAK decided to build its first manufacturing facility outside of Denmark in Louisville in 1999. Fast forward three expansions later and LINAK is still on track for continued growth and greater commitment to North America and its customers.

Though LINAK has been in the U.S. for 25 years, the company was established in 1984 in Denmark. CEO and owner, Bent Jensen, spent a year developing the first electric linear actuator after a conversation with a disabled friend sparked an idea. The two friends envisioned a way to adjust the wheelchair – thus beginning the journey of LINAK improving lives. Helping improve ergonomics, safety and efficiency, you can now find LINAK actuators bringing quality movement to office, medical, agriculture, comfort furniture and other applications around the world.

To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of LINAK U.S. incorporation, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer proclaimed August 21, 2019 as LINAK U.S. Day in Kentucky. In March of 2018, Mayor Fischer attended the grand opening of the new 75,000 square foot LINAK U.S. manufacturing facility and spoke highly of the work the company is doing globally and locally.

“The work of LINAK in advanced manufacturing, one of Louisville’s traditional strengths and a key component to our city’s economic success, is helping us be relevant today and in the future,” he said. “LINAK is a great global company and its investment in a new facility will help them continue to compete and win around the world. We’re proud to be the home of LINAK U.S. operations and look forward to their continued success in the future.”

The new facility gave LINAK U.S. the ability to move its off-site distribution center back in-house, as well as accommodate several new production lines. Continuing to expand and improve manufacturing in the U.S. is a goal of LINAK U.S. as it aims to make it even easier for customers to use the unique products and services we offer as well as continue to support the community that has been our home for so long.

“For 25 years, LINAK U.S. has been honored to support the Louisville community,” said President Soren Stig-Nielsen. “From sponsoring the Special Olympics and plane pulls almost 20 years ago to donating and handing out 50 backpacks filled with school supplies last month to students in need, we are proud to give back to the city we call home.”

The plans for the next 25 years will include a continued focus on providing innovative actuation solutions that improve people’s quality of life and working environment. With the vision of being the global leader in innovative electric actuator systems, the LINAK U.S. family and the community of Louisville will play a major role in helping us reach our goals.

“Over the next few years we hope to expand again in Louisville,” said Stig-Nielsen. “First with an addition to our recent manufacturing facility, and second with a new main office. There is a continued need for our manufacturing capacity to grow and, with over 350 employees in the U.S., we are also at a point where we need more space for our internal growth.”

On top of adding more jobs, the new additions will bring high-tech production equipment including advanced robotics to the Louisville facilities. These improvements are designed not to replace workers, but instead add opportunities for additional technical-skill level positions. These advancements in production and support will help LINAK U.S. bring even more quality movement to its customers.

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