Allseating Expands Proprietary Fabric Portfolio

Allseating announced that it has launched three new solid fabrics to enhance its growing collection of proprietary textiles: NorwoodCalabasas, and Fleur. Designed to accompany the brand’s latest seating collections, including its celebrated Exchange modular system and the Ayles lounge chair, the new fabrics are exemplary of Allseating’s continued investment in product development and accessible design. 

“We have worked closely with textile manufacturers to produce a series of solutions that will complement our lounge introductions, as well as our task chair offerings,” says Chris Binnendyk, President of Allseating. “In a budget-sensitive market, our fabric plays a role in supporting designers who must navigate pricing restrictions. We have also invested in warehousing to ensure a quick 72-hour delivery, which makes our fabrics an invaluable resource for tight turn-arounds.”

Below are additional details on the timeless and versatile new fabrics: 


Inspired by the colors and textures of the desert, Norwoodis a Grade 2, highly-durable, 100% polyester fabric, that is offered in a range of nine nature-inspired neutral shades: Aspen, Desert, Storm, Limestone, Mulch, Titan, Slate, Bark, and Mariana. Considered the ‘tailored suit’ of proprietary fabrics due to its warm, resmercial look and feel, Norwood is suitable for lounge furniture.   


Influenced by Los Angeles’ bright blue waters and sun-kissed glow, Calabasasis also a Grade 2 100% polyester that features a different texture than Norwood due to an acrylic coating that makes it slightly smoother to the touch. Calabasas is available in 11 bold colors which include a range of blues—Deep Sea, Blue Bird, and Shore; an ombre of reds starting with a dark Bordeaux, a strong Cardinal, and a softer Pink Lady. Also offered are Amber—a bright yellow shade, Sunset—a terracotta orange, Valley—an olive green, and Bamboo and Safari, shades of white and beige respectively. 


Capturing the essence and spirit of some of the world’s most exotic flowers, Fleuris a new line of Grade 1, 100% polyester fabric that was introduced to complement Allseating’s task furniture offerings. Fleur, which has a satin finish to give it a subtle shine, can be specified in nine shades that are both colorful and neutral, making it the perfect fabric for both lounge and task furniture.