WeWork Labs, startup-focused co-working space, relaunches

In 2011, WeWork ran an accelerator-type program called WeWork Labs. That program was a bit neglected as the company began to focus on other initiatives, such as international expansion, Powered By We, and acquisitions. But today, WeWork is relaunching WeWork Labs, with 27 spaces secured in 16 markets for 2018.

WeWork Labs, which will be run by former Head of Digital Roee Adler, wants to offer super early stage startups a place to work and learn.

There will be a loose curriculum and access to educational resources for WeWork Labs members. For example, Flatiron School is currently working to build a portfolio of courses for new members, including accounting, finance and marketing classes. WeWork Labs will also bring in expert speakers for lectures, and hold smaller group sessions to deep dive on an issue.

Adler told TechCrunch that each community manager at a WeWorks Labs location has entrepreneurial experience, and will use that to help their members reach the next level.

But the mentorship opportunities stretch far beyond the WeWork Labs framework. WeWork now has 212 locations and more than 200,000 members. The company expects these members to be potential mentors, vendors, customers, or collaborators with the WeWork Labs members.