Innovating the Office: Technology Trends Changing the Workplace

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The way we work is changing, and, not surprisingly, technology is playing a big part in that shift. Conversation about the workplace almost always starts with technology. Indeed, technology is the enabling factor that allows anybody, anytime, to complete work from almost anywhere. As technology is further embedded into the office, it will continue to help people work and think more effectively and efficiently.

When considering technology and the future of the office, it’s important to recognize that we’re increasingly moving toward an individual contributoreconomy. Individual contributors use the office to check in, to have a scope of work defined, and to collaborate before completing the work independently. In this individual contributor economy, the office offers a place to coordinate multiple moving parts, and multiple individual contributors. As a result, coworking facilities, such as ATLAS Workbase have quickly taken hold. These environments are carefully and intentionally designed to help individual workers get work done or conduct business.

What Does the Future Hold?

In 2018 offices will continue to adopt flexible work options, and with that comes even more reliance on screens and conference calling facilities. Forget meeting rooms, instead workers will book rooms purposely built for specific types of meetings. These will include all-purpose whiteboard rooms, creative rooms, relaxation rooms and concentration rooms. With high-end health and wellness features like lighting, air filtering and temperature control.