3 Things Corporates Can Learn from Co-Working Spaces

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers who used to call everything from cafes to airports their office now have a significantly better workplace option: shared work spaces. According to reports, co-working spaces or shared work spaces across the world have reported having 50% more members than two years ago. These innovative work spaces such as IndiQube host tens to hundreds of different companies across industries, irrespective of the size.

With the start-up boom, the concept of flexible work spaces has taken off. And it is here for the long run. Flexible work spaces offer a refreshing change from the stereotypical office set-up. Appealing and idea-stimulating interior designs, a robust online platform and community events that promote employee bonding are some of the highlights.

Shared work spaces offer plenty of benefits for people who work there such as flexible work hours and community building. Here are 3 important things corporate offices can learn from shared work spaces.

Via bwdisrupt.businessworld.in