Microsoft Technology Center – Detroit

  Photography :  John D’Angelo

PhotographyJohn D’Angelo

Neumann/Smith Architecture was tasked with the design for the Microsoft Technology Center located in Detroit, Michigan.

Values and Vision – One of the client’s core values is that people are every organization’s most important asset. The Technology Center’s purpose is to empower people to achieve more by reinventing productivity. They help customers envision, design, and deploy solutions to address even the toughest business challenges in today’s mobile, cloud-based world.

Functional Program – The Technology Center is 45,000 sf containing three main programmatic components. The customer area is comprised of conference rooms of varying sizes and multipurpose rooms for hosting a range of events. The technology area features a maker’s space for developing products, an envisioning center for demonstrating products, an augmented/virtual reality room, an interactive center for engaging with products, and a training room for group sessions. The employee area includes a tech support counter, conference rooms, and employee work points available to both stationary and mobile staff members.

Design Language – The client’s culture is self-described as customer obsessed, diverse and inclusive. Their brand includes spaces that are humanizing, connected, and intelligent. Rather than following traditional workplace design, their guidelines encourage designers to take cues from the hospitality and residential markets.