ID Studios Offices – Solana Beach

  Photography :  Joel Zwink

PhotographyJoel Zwink

ID Studios has designed their new offices located in Solana Beach, California.

ID Studios is a BIG believer in having fun and being social. Our mission was simple: Design a space to promote the balance and cross-over between work and personal life. It was also clear that we were designing for a highly talented and creative group and gaining consensus from our designers was a breeze… it needed to be OPEN, FLEXIBLE, AND HEALTHY.

To support the mission, our goals were to maximize openness and create a casual work/entertainment space that fosters teamwork, interactive design charrettes, and client connection. The heart of the space is a multi-function café space that acts as an informal presentation area/casual meeting space, bar, and entertainment island. Other flexibles include a large conference room with a roll-up garage door, opening to a collaboration area for all-hands meetings and large client presentations.