KI Launches New MyPlace Lounge Furniture Elements

MyPlace Lounge New Elements (1).jpg

KI has launched new seating shapes and in-line tables within the highly adaptable and configurable MyPlace Lounge Furniture line.

Using 24 standard-scale and six junior-scale shapes that can be reconfigured and repurposed in a variety of ways, MyPlace enables the creation of an unlimited range of modular formations. New elements are optimized to support engagement in smaller spaces and offer additional design options for larger configurations. Perfectly fitting in-line tables introduce convenient dual-sided storage space and heightened functionality to lounge settings.

Additions to the MyPlace Lounge Furniture line include:

  • 30° curves (backless, inside back and outside back)

  • 45° curves (backless, inside back and outside back)

  • 60° curves (backless, inside back and outside back)

  • Lounge chair, single seat with back

  • 18-inch cube ottoman in standard or junior heights

  • 18-inch hexagon ottoman in standard or junior heights

  • Rectangular in-line table with dual-sided storage and optional seat pad

The modular seating line offers numerous design options, including contrasting fabrics on lounge elements and nearly 50 standard laminates for occasional and in-line tables. Four base options provide aesthetic and functional choices.

MyPlace lounge furniture features lightweight construction, making it easy to push, roll or carry individual elements to their desired location. To meet the needs of high-traffic areas, MyPlace is extremely durable with a 400-pound weight rating.

MyPlace Lounge New Elements (3).jpg