DeskMakers Introduces Catalina Open Plan Office Storage Solutions


DeskMakers revealed Catalina, a new line of storage solutions for open office settings. Catalina lockers, cubbies, and work islands integrate seamlessly with DeskMakers workstations, tables and case goods.

“We developed Catalina in response to requests from office furniture dealers and interior designers,” said Ken Petersil, who as DeskMakers’ northern California sales representative, led Catalina’s internal design and development team. “The response has been outstanding. When we shared the initial concepts with customers, they said it was exactly what they needed.”

The Catalina lockers, cubbies and work islands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations, allowing for easy planning and installation. Specifically:

• Catalina Lockers offer secure storage for personal items;
• Catalina Cubbies enable grab and go storage and display; and
• Catalina Work Islands deliver collaborative workspaces.

All products in the Catalina line are available in a broad variety of laminates, finishes, and textures to enable clients to apply a personal touch and brand sensibilities to their workspaces. Modular by design, Catalina provides the level of customization ideal for today’s dynamic work environments.