Offices iQ launches flexible corporate space solution Enterprise iQ

Offices iQ, the broker of flexible office and coworking space, has announced the launch of Enterprise iQ, a global end-to-end service that includes ongoing customer support. With flexible working spaces set to grow by up to 30 percent annually for the next five years across Europe, Enterprise iQ will service the growing number of corporate companies looking for flexible office space. 

“Corporate demand for flexible office space is at unprecedented levels so the time was right to bring Enterprise iQ to the market,” said Kurt Mroncz, founder and managing director of Offices iQ. “Large corporate clients have unique needs. Enterprise iQ has been designed to provide a personalised solution to fit the varying requirements of each different company we work with.”

Corporate demand for flexible office space is at unprecedented levels

Managing a large portfolio of flexible space can be very time consuming with finding space, negotiating rates, handling local customer service queries and negotiating renewal rates. Senior staff at Offices iQ have been working on corporate flexible space solutions for 15 years and are adept at managing the myriad processes involved in flexible office space.

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“Flexible space should require very little client time to manage, benefiting from a fully inclusive service and one monthly invoice,” said Mroncz. “However, as your flexible space portfolio increases, the time required to manage it also increases. Of paramount importance to our corporate clients is saving the time of real estate teams, whilst instilling confidence that their internal customers are receiving the widest range of options and the most cost-effective pricing. Enterprise iQ will act as an extension of real estate teams so they are fully aware of ongoing projects but also able to dedicate their time elsewhere.”