CEO’s Talk Workplace Interview With Mindspace Co-Founder And CEO, Dan Zakai


by Bob Fox

Bob: Can you give us some background about Mindspace?

Dan: Mindspace started about five years ago in Tel Aviv, Israel. We were the first company in Tel Aviv to deliver an upscale coworking space during the industry shift, where people were familiarizing themselves with the coworking concept and the growing need to have high levels of premium coworking space for companies of different sizes.

Over the years, we have grown to become a global boutique coworking provider. We are present in seven countries and 13 cities, but in every location that we identify and eventually choose to build in, we take a boutique approach on design and service for our members. Currently, Mindspace is a company operating in a high-growth environment – the coworking industry. Over the years, this became a meaningful industry. Here, at our HQ in Tel Aviv, we fundamentally build the infrastructure that allows us to scale globally. Here, we handle the sourcing, development, design, and software of our locations.

Dan Zakai, CEO of Mindspace

Dan Zakai, CEO of Mindspace

Bob: How many employees do you have? How big is your space?

Dan: We have close to 200 employees and close to 30 locations with about 1 million square feet in space. The average space of one of our coworking locations is 30,000-40,000 square feet.

Bob: You described the boutique approach that you take. What is unique about that and how do you differentiate yourselves?

Dan: Most global operators are not boutique but standard, so they can achieve scale, whereas we are the only global operator of boutique spaces.

To achieve that, we had to take a very professional approach to the creation of boutique spaces, so we can also scale globally. For example, we choose only prime locations and we’re very selective in what buildings we’re willing to take. For the most part, we only open in Class A buildings or buildings that are unique in the local tapestry. Each location is designed as a standalone site, so while there are recurring themes and design elements to make the brand consistent, the spaces are vastly different and always localized.

We established an Art & Design team that designs each of our locations, curates local and international art for the space, and also creates original art installations in every one of our spaces.

Our business is very much hospitality-oriented and, so our community team is set to support the boutique approach and is larger than the industry average (almost twice the number of community managers per members). It allows us to give more personalized service as well as plan and manage more activities for the community.



Lastly, behind the scenes we use our own technology to support the members with an app to book meeting rooms and connect with other members, a check-in app for guests and a dashboard for our brokers. We pay close attention to all the communication channels with members and try to make every touch as personalized and unique as possible.