Best and Worst Companies to Work for in the Office Furniture Industry - RATED

The office furniture industry can, and has been, a great industry to work in. But, not all employees at the companies feel the same. Below is CFN’s latest roundup of the latest Glassdoor Reviews.

Steelcase - 4.2

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Great product, well known brand, amazing research and resources, freedom to create your own approach to sales. Management is very invested in the companies success, and thus your success as well. The compensation structure creates a warm, team environment.


It’s a large company so it can be difficult to navigate at times, learning how to utilize resources (& even what is available to you) can take a long time.

Knoll - 3.9

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  • "A dynamic company that continues to provide great products and support to the entire company" (in 10 reviews)

  • "Great people & products, committed teams and culture" (in 8 reviews)


Teknion - 3.9

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Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.42.49.png


Friendly work culture
Adequate compensation
Good atmosphere


Downtime can be too much

Allsteel - 3.6

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Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.39.50.png


Great people throughout the organization


Operating very lean can be counter productive

Herman Miller - 3.6

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Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.31.19.png


Flexible work schedule

Collaborative team environment

World Class facilities and work environments


Conservative and somewhat risk-adverse

Matrixed structure leads to slow decision making

KI - 3.6

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Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.49.40.png


  • "I work in the Inside Sales department and I love my co-workers" (in 5 reviews)

  • "Great coworkers, flexibility and fast paced environment" (in 4 reviews)


  • "Nothing much, no cons about the company" (in 4 reviews)

  • "The work environment went down the tubes because they are hiring young people that are very immature for a professional environment" (in 4 reviews)

Haworth - 3.4

Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.37.45.png
Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.38.22.png


Competitive Pay in certain positions


PTO time is not very good

Inscape Corp. - 3.1

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Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.55.21.png


Really great people to work with. Fair benefits and interesting work.


Low pay, and a lack of support in some areas. Whatever the board wants happens, so if your department is viewed badly by the board then there is little you can do to save it.

Kimball International - 3.1

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Screenshot 2019-07-12 22.45.40.png


Flexibility, Great Co-workers, benefits are fair.


Nothing worth mentioning. Would be petty to even mention

Humanscale - 2.6

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Humanscale is very unique. We are an extremely fast growing company that continues to grow aggressively year after year; when most of our competitors are not. As an employee, you are given a lot of autonomy and tools to do your job, and if you work hard and produce, you will become very successful and career advancement opportunities will be there for you.


In order to be successful at Humanscale, you need to be adoptable, flexible, a team player and open to change. As we continue to grow and evolve rapidly, direction may alter at times. When this happens, it ultimately make things healthier for the entire organization. If your set in your ways and not open to new ideas, Humanscale may not be the best place for you.