Coalesse Launches the New Lagunitas Focus Nook at NeoCon 2019


At NeoCon 2019 (June 10-12) Coalesse launched the Lagunitas Focus Nook, the first individual work alcove in the category-defining lounge collection by Toan Nguyen.

A freestanding nook for solo work, it offers users a touch-down destination for performing focused tasks in a traditional work posture — optimizing space within the open plan, while allowing users to stay centered and free from distraction.

With its high screens in a signature Lagunitas knit pattern or fabric construction, the Focus Nook offers enriched color and warm design to invite personalization and expression. In a time when workplace floorplans must be flexible and adaptable, designers can place a single nook next to a social area or form a row of nooks adjacent to collaborative spaces, for the freedom to focus in the modern work mix.

Additional details:

— Screens in fabric or 17 knit colors

— Worksurface available in laminate or veneer

— Wire management brackets and optional tray neatly route cords to the floor

— Power modules available for easy access to power in a variety of configurations and colors

— Light grommet conveniently routes on-surface light to power source