NeoCon 2019: LINAK U.S. Inc. is helping make unique a standard for customers


While NeoCon continues to focus on what’s next for the industry, LINAK® will be showcasing how it helps customers stay unique. In 18 years at NeoCon, LINAK has been featuring advanced technologies and intelligent solutions that bring electric movement to the office space. LINAK celebrated NeoCon’s 50th Anniversary last year by unveiling a new permanent space, Suite 10-100. After a great introduction to the Mart showrooms last year, 2019 will focus on how LINAK brings new innovations and solutions to customers and the commercial space.

“Our customers live in a competitive market and are continuously asked to provide something new and innovative to the market and their customers,” said Michael Cook, Director of the DESKLINE division at LINAK U.S. “With the widest product program on the market, LINAK strives to deliver a special experience to our customers by combining our products, people, and desire to help our customers succeed. The commercial furniture and design community is fast paced and ever-changing. Having a partner that can work with you to customize a solution or create something totally new with a product is paramount to that success.” 

Partnering for innovation

From individual offices and open plan spaces to the growing trend of “resimercial” spaces, LINAK provides movement to keep people active and moving in any environment. Office inhabitants aren’t just spending their time at their desks. They are meeting in collaborative spaces and socializing near the coffee. So, the question is, how can you bring unique motion to those areas and create a more flexible environment?

An example of this unique motion can be seen in the “Colors in Motion” DL19 leg display featured in the LINAK showroom. The display showcases a constant flow of movement from LINAK® DL19 lifting columns. But what makes these lifting columns unique is that they combine multiple hues that stem from the color of the year: living coral. This creates an ombre effect to the legs, which is a stark contrast from the standard white, black and grey you see with most height-adjustable desks. Color can be a powerful tool in design, not just for its ability to enhance a space visually, but also in how it affects the emotional and mental wellbeing of those around it.

With so much changing every year, designers live in a world that focuses on innovation instead of imitation. For many years, LINAK has been a great partner for furniture designers and manufacturers in developing that innovation. Not only because of the immense product offering, but also because of its willingness and commitment to support customers throughout the design, production and lifecycle of the application. 

For LINAK, Neocon 2019 is about us delivering on what designers and customers have been asking for. The industry has been looking for a system that provides a clean design, that is simple to assemble and disassemble and provides a variety of leg shape options. To address these needs LINAK developed the new Desk Frame 2 system that will be featured in the showroom. Control systems and the entire cable management disappear into the beam and only columns with invisible glide pads are used, providing an even more clean and polished option for the workplace. Assembly is easy and efficient with lifting columns that are locked into place through an intuitive installation system that does not require any screws. Additionally, the product is packaged in a way that optimizes logistics and distribution for customers. 

“When we start a project with a customer, we work hard to understand their goals and deliver on their expectations. While we focus on the design and functionality of products, we also work closely to create a unique and agile product fulfillment process to support them,” said Cook.

Protecting the little things in the office

LINAK strives to provide the most dependable height-adjustable desk solutions on the market. With an already impressive anti-collision technology in PIEZO™, which reacts faster than any other known software-based system, LINAK is continuing to advance their solutions to be even more reliable. In the showroom, they will be featuring the Desk Sensor™ 1, a new anti-collision offering that utilizes gyroscope technology. The new addition helps measure position and acceleration, ensuring the desk stops securely whether it comes across hard or soft surfaces. It can also be combined with PIEZO, making it easy for customers to add another level of protection for their designs. 

Making the customer stand out with digital solutions

Customization doesn’t stop with the hardware itself. There are also cutting-edge digital solutions being featured at the LINAK showroom. As the internet of things evolves, apps have become part of everyday life for many people around the world. In addition, they have also become a tool for customer differentiation. LINAK has years of experience in developing apps and integrating Bluetooth® wire