The simplest whiteboard redesign is also the best

Whiteboards are still a ubiquitous part of office life, and despite other recent redesigns and new apps that optimize your sketches, they haven’t changed all that much. But a new product from by Swiss furniture company Moving Walls integrates a whiteboard into a meeting table–which can then be easily hung on the wall for discussion.

As a compulsive dabbler, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of just cladding my desk with an adhesive whiteboard vinyl. But the Moving Table is objectively a much better-looking desk than most. The writeable white table is clad in dry erase material that stands on two three-leg trestles made of solid ash wood.

Created by Zurich-based designer Jörg Boner, the large 78-by-38.5-inch surface has a hole on each corner that fits on the wood trestles’ studs. When you’re using the table, you can write with markers directly on it. When you need to use it as a whiteboard, you just need to lift the table panel and place it on two thin metal rails mounted on the wall.

Introduced at Clerkenwell Design Week last week, it’s now available in Europe, the U.S., and Australia. But unsurprisingly, the table will cost you more than a strip of whiteboard vinyl. The price? $1,670.