This influential chair was too provocative in 1937, but it’s finally being released


In 1937, the Danish designer Finn Juhl debuted a radical chair at a Copenhagen design fair. With an oversized headrest, angular arms, and low seat, the chair garnered no interested buyers. Plus, it was displayed next to a bar cabinet and posters of cocktails–a setup that viewers deemed provocative and certainly out of step with current fashions, which tended to be more traditional.

Juhl himself purchased the only two chairs he’d made in the style, because no one was interested in buying them–let alone manufacturing them.

Now, more than 80 years later, the House of Juhl design studio–which has the exclusive rights to produce Juhl’s furniture–has finally released the chair, which is called the Grasshopper because its armrests converge on the floor with its back legs, looking almost like the bug when it’s ready to jump. The decades-old chair made its second debut at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2019.