PeopleSpace Reinvents the Outdated Office Furniture Manufacturer/Dealer Model


PeopleSpace (formerly Interior Office Solutions (IOS)), a West Coast provider of workspace strategy, office furnishing solutions and custom architectural products, says it has reinvented the decades-old furniture manufacturer/dealer model. By placing the customer experience at the center of its new operations, PeopleSpace offers clients a technology-based process and dedicated project teams to streamline and integrate both short and long-term planning, design and purchasing solutions for their spaces.

For decades, businesses facing office design and product needs were subjected to a complex network of furniture manufacturers and dealers requiring negotiations with several separate sales teams.

“By shifting our model to center on a comprehensive customer experience with a single corporate point of contact, we can better support businesses in creating workspaces that seamlessly adapt to their changing employee needs and support the culture, performance, retention and recruitment of their most important asset,” PeopleSpace CEO Jesse Bagley said.

A Best-In-Class Experience from Start to Finish
PeopleSpace has created a proprietary six-step design and procurement process that integrates both short and long-term planning, design and purchasing while addressing the most current industry issues. The PeopleSpace process integrates best practices, technology, tools and innovations to enhance the business space-planning experience from start to finish, and comprises:

  1. Discover – PeopleSpace listens and discusses the design needs of each business to address culture and work style goals that fit the business’s budget and timeline.  

  2. Solve – Deploying an arsenal of visualization tools which include augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), PeopleSpace helps businesses easily solve workspace dilemmas.  

  3. Source – PeopleSpace gives customers access to global sourcing from a vast network of furniture brands and vendors, allowing seamless specification and purchasing.

  4. Implement – PeopleSpace provides a single point of contact for delivery and installation coordination from start to finish.

  5. Complete – A PeopleSpace quality assurance specialist is assigned to each project to ensure complete customer satisfaction through the entire process.

  6. Evolve – PeopleSpace maintains ongoing contact with customers and creates relationships to provide regular check-ins as well as ongoing maintenance as needed.   

Building on nearly 20 years of experience in workspace planning, PeopleSpace is changing the paradigm with the new customer-centered model that transforms the way businesses plan, design and execute workspaces. The company has been named a Haworth Best in Class partner for the past several years and has the unique distinction of having Haworth as an investor. This means PeopleSpace has full access to Haworth’s industry-leading research on human well-being, and the impact that workspaces have on employee cognitive and psychological performance. 

PeopleSpace has launched a new website, and its four showrooms boast the latest advancements in workspace visioning technology, including AR/VR integrations, live design capabilities and a database utilizing AI that allows customers to create custom floor plans, design intent and budgets.

“This is just the beginning,” Bagley said. “PeopleSpace represents a fundamental shift in how businesses will plan, design and bring spaces to life for the next generation of employees.”