Designing for the Open Floor Plan

According to a recent Legrand survey conducted online by The Harris Poll, nearly half of office workers (46%) charge devices more than one time per day at work, with nearly one quarter (24%) stating they do so 3 or more times per day. Accommodating this high demand for power and charging options means specificers, designers and architects need solutions outside of just traditional wall receptacles, especially with the rise of open floor plans.

The open-space floor plan is a concept that, for many, immediately connotes images of modern, airy offices catering to ingenuity and collaboration. And this is with good reason—many companies have ditched claustrophobic cubicles and private offices in favor of organically organized structures filled with glass-wall meeting rooms and “huddle spaces” designed to galvanize creativity. Legrand provides the perfect solutions for open-space floor plans with a variety of power and A/V products that make wiring in an open office a breeze. Specificers, designers and architects can now efficiently and easily provide power through any open office, no matter how expansive or unconventional the layout.


1). Planning for Power and A/V in the Floor

Floor Power_PokeThru_tip 1 copy.jpg

Remain flexible with Legrand’s wide range of Poke-Thru devices and Floor Boxes engineered with A/V in mind that can be installed directly into the floor. Designers and specifiers can easily install a permanent power source that adapts to the evolving needs of a modern open office while also integrating and replacing various A/V devices from leading manufacturers.

2). Furniture Power

Furniture Power_Tip 2.jpg

Blend classic functionality and technological advancement with Legrand’s Furniture Power Center’s from the adorne and radiant collections. Now available with USB-C ports to accomodate the latest technologies, Legrand's Furniture Power Centers can be installed directly into furniture including desks, chairs, conference room tables and more.

3.) Outdoor Charging

OutdoorPower_Tip 3.jpg

Offer connections outdoors with Legrand’s elegantly designed Outdoor Charging Stations. The charging stations support connectivity with a combination of USB outlets, power outlets and LED lights to illuminate pathways. Charging Stations can be customized to support power needs and offer outdoor-rated construction to offer optimal durability on all weather conditions.