I tried the $40 hood that helps you relax, and everyone roasted me


The Ostrichpillow, which launched in 2012 and quickly became a viral sensation, could never have existed before the internet. But this $100, tulip-shaped pillow, which you’re supposed to slip over your head to zone out and escape, was the perfect product for an over-connected world. It was also ideal clickbait for bloggers looking for a crazy story that would go big on social media. The European design firm behind the product, Studio Banana, would go on to sell $400,000 worth of Ostrichpillows since it was first announced on Kickstarter in 2012–and the profitable Ostrichpillow line would expand to all sorts of plush comfort items over the coming years.

To date, Ostrichpillow’s half a dozen products fall into two camps. They’re either something quirky you’d wear during, say, a performance art piece, or something plush and ergonomic you’d wear getting onto a plane. In either case, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead on the street wearing it. But the Ostrichpillow Hood–launching this week for $40–promises to be a more refined version of the brand’s approach to product design. It’s meant to be “a classic wardrobe stable with a twist” and “…the perfect addition to any outfit…” according to the company.

Basically, the Ostrichpillow Hood is a hoodie with the sweatshirt part cut off. It’s a hood. Just the hood. At first I think that’s silly. Stupid. Real dumb. And then I think about it. Ostrichpillow is effectively giving me permission to turn any outfit–a seersucker suit, a tuxedo, etc!–into my favorite, comforting hoodie. And if it succeeds in that quest, wouldn’t that make this the single most important product of the 21st century? History could suddenly be condensed into a simple sequence of events: Fire. The wheel. Vaccines. Steam engines. iPhones. Hoods. Launch all our nukes into the sky; humankind is done here.