Artopex launches Axel: Its New Tile Systems for Open Spaces

pex2018-10_axel_studio_poste04_final_v1_02 copy.png

Today, Artopex unveiled Axel, its new generation of systems furniture for open office spaces. Inspired and ingenious, this integrated solution was designed to create a variety of workstations configurations while providing acoustic comfort. Axel can be adapted for individual workspaces, for brainstorming and meeting rooms, break rooms, semi-closed office, etc. The integration of the collection's aesthetic pavilions makes it easy to design workspaces that foster collaboration while keeping a sense of privacy and defined space.

“We are very proud to introduce Axel to the market”, explains Francis Pelletier, Director, Customer Experience. This innovative tile system will be enthusiastically received by our dealer network. Axel provides the latitude of design to communicate the unique DNA and culture of each client and their space, as well as the flexibility to customize every workstation according to specific tasks and uses.”

Axel is now available through the Artopex dealer network.

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