Accenture – Cyber Fusion Center Offices – Arlington

Photography :  Spielmann Studio

PhotographySpielmann Studio

FORM Architects has created a magnetic office design for Accenture‘s Cyber Fusion Center offices located in Arlington, Virginia.

Accenture’s Cyber Fusion Center design aims to create a global destination with a common design language that everyone, from new employees to established clients, can understand.

As you pass through the expansive glass suite entry, you are immersed in Accenture’s ‘greater than before’ culture. The space feels young and energetic with layers of light, a fusion of natural elements including bark walls and greenery, bright stimulating colors, and relaxed seating around an open bar. It also maintains a crisp, sophisticated vibe with clean lines, high-end finishes, and extractions of their new, wholly-inclusive, brand infused throughout the space.