Net Marketing Offices – Tokyo

Photography :  Katsuhiro Aoki

PhotographyKatsuhiro Aoki

Net Marketing has moved into their new Tokyo offices where work and leisure balance is encouraged with a relaxation salon featuring acupuncture, versatile work style options and access to natural light.

DRAFT Inc. designed an office that accommodates Net Marketing‘s rapid growth, an internet marketing company located in Tokyo, Japan.

Net Marketing office was moved to a new location in March of 2018, where we strived to create an environment in which employees supporting rapid growth could work comfortably. The office would be divided among two floors, with one-third of the floor space on both levels designed as a refreshing space, allowing for employees to work freely. The open space can be used not only as a break area, but also serve as a multipurpose area great for personal work, group work, and events. Furthermore, the well-being of the employees was given special importance, providing a relaxation salon complete with the ability to get acupuncture and nap.