Configura heads to NeoCon with CET Designer 9.0 and Augmented Reality technology

Configura, maker of CET Designer software, heads to NeoCon 2018 this June 11-13 at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago ready to exhibit new CET Designer 9.0 features, 360 rendering technology and Praxik’s new Augmented Reality (AR) CET Designer Extensions InstantAR and InstantAR Pro.

CET Designer 9.0 includes new features
Configura demos what’s new in CET Designer at NeoCon. The just-released CET Designer 9.0 includes the ability to create Custom View sets and custom Categories, as well as a new Filter tool. Additional CET Designer 9.0 features and enhancements include a fresh look for Configura Extension icons, making them easier for users to identify; more models added to the Home Extension, almost tripling the number of available objects; and the ability to view images and PDF files in 3D view. (Read the press release about CET Designer 9.0 located in our press kit.)

360 technology Configura also will demo its 360 rendering technology using Yulio’s “3D to VR software” plugin. Visitors will have an immersive experience with CET Designer’s Fika Extension, which lets users and developers experience the power of CET Designer with generic products. Using the Fika Extension – the name is a nod to the Swedish word, fika, which means “to take a break and have coffee” – new users can learn the basic functions, navigation and usability of the program. View an example of a 360 rendering created in CET Designer using the Fika Extension at

Experience the new way to design live with AR Visitors to NeoCon 2018 can experience live design through Augmented Reality technology in Configura’s booth.

Configura’s recent collaboration with Minneapolis-based Praxik, a Configura partner that creates mixed-reality solutions, includes the new CET Designer Utility Extensions InstantAR and InstantAR Pro.

InstantAR lets CET Designer users “project” drawings created in CET Designer into an actual space, using a smartphone or tablet computer as the viewing device. InstantAR Pro builds on the InstantAR Extension.

One of the pro features is the “comparison effect,” which lets designers and their clients “project” a design and compare it to an existing physical design side by side on a phone or tablet. Another feature lets designers scale down large designs and preview them in a “dollhouse” mode.

During NeoCon, visitors can stop by Configura’s booth [7-5129] and learn how to take live design to the next level with InstantAR and InstantAR Pro. Visitors will be able to choose a chair from these manufacturers with CET Designer Extensions: Allsteel, KI, Maars, National Office Furniture, OFS or Steelcase. They can design the chair (choose fabrics and other features) and then superimpose the completed object into their hand. Photos of designers and the chairs they create will be shared using the hashtag #DesignSpacesAR.

Early bird registration for Configura’s 11th annual CET Designer User & Developer Conference opens During NeoCon, Configura will open “early bird” registration for discounted pricing to the user conference. Users will also have a chance to win a free registration to the conference, a $550 value. The winning name will be drawn on Wednesday, June 20, at 11 a.m. in Configura’s NeoCon booth. (Entrants need not be present to win; contest open to dealer representatives only.)

Global manufacturers, thousands of users CET Designer has become one of the leading space-planning solutions used today. It is used by thousands of designers, specifiers and salespersons around the world. Global office furniture manufacturers and suppliers that have invested in CET Designer Extensions for their companies and dealerships include AJ, Allsteel, Apex Office furniture, Aurora Storage Products, Bisley, Carvajal Espacios, ChargeSpot, Chief, Connectrac, Dekko, Enwork, Euro Chair, Haworth, Herman Miller, HNI India, HON, Inscape, Interior Concepts, iTab, KI, Kimball Office, Maars Living Walls, Midmark, National, Novah, OFS Brands, Oi Furniture, SitOnIt Seating, Solinoff, SpaceCo, Spacefile, Steelcase, Sunon, Teknion and Tranquil Systems International.

Configura will demo CET Designer 9.0 and Praxik will demo InstantAR and InstantAR Pro at NeoCon 2018 in space 7-5129 at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago.