Akouo Acoustics Debuted at NeoCon as New Business Division of Sedia Systems

Akouo Acoustics_3D Custom_preview.jpg

Sedia Systems, whose industry-leading fixed seating products adorn performing arts venues, lecture halls and other public spaces where people gather, is launching a new business division called Akouo Acoustics.

The new company, providing aesthetically attractive and technically advanced acoustical solutions and consulting, complements Sedia Systems’ furniture in academic and musical performance spaces where sound matters.

Akouo Acoustics was unveiled in Sedia Systems’ 11th floor showroom during the 50th-anniversary celebration of the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair at The Mart in Chicago on June 11-13, 2018.

Akouo is derived from a Greek word meaning “to listen” or “hear.” The new business division will distribute two complementary sound-management product lines, Acordia and Intone, both designed and made in Italy by European partners.

Acordia, powered by Wood-Skin, is an architecturally arresting series of three-dimensional ceiling and wall panels that diffuse sound waves. Intone, a micro-perforated panel product from Sonica, is especially adept at absorbing and reflecting sound. Both are completely customizable to allow customers unlimited options to tune their rooms and pick materials and finishes that make the space a visual — as well as an aural — triumph.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing Akouo Acoustics to the North American marketplace at this time,” said Wilson Troup, Sedia Systems’ founder and CEO. “It’s a perfect fit for our business model and we’re excited to offer clients a wonderful portfolio of acoustical panels and 3D solutions that are just as beautiful to behold as they are effective in managing sound.”

Nate Meyer, who recently joined the business as Akouo Acoustics’ manager, noted that the company’s mission is to deliver “exceptional expertise and remarkable results for customers who demand a high-performing, well-designed acoustic environment. Our consultants have deep knowledge of architectural acoustics, providing our customers with optimal solutions for a variety of environments including auditoriums, lecture halls and performing arts venues.”

Meyer said Akouo Acoustics’ products are aimed at resolving the long-standing “tension in the acoustic world between the technical side and the architectural side. Along with exceptional performance, we’re bringing high design and architectural sophistication to that world.”

The Acordia collection includes both Triangular and Wave Panel systems for ceilings and walls, as well as a Curtain Wall series and 3D Custom installations. Its available material include wood veneers, birch, ultra matte laminates, synthetic felt, MDF in three color options and Okume’, a high-quality plywood.

The Intone collection offers acoustical panels in wood veneers, laminates and 3MTM DI-NOCTM Architectural finishes available in more than 800 designs.



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