Whitepaper: Evolving Landscape requires Agile Approaches

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Today, work is fundamentally different than it was 20, 10 and even just five years ago. And the pace of change, fueled by technology and a host of economic and cultural trends, is accelerating faster than ever before. Amid this, companies must continuously monitor, adapt and evolve to maintain a competitive advantage-in both the markets they serve and among the talent they covet. McKinsey notes that as business becomes increasingly complex and volatile, organizations look for agile strategies to quickly reconfigure their business and support functions with an eye toward value-creation and value-protection opportunities.

The evolving landscape of work has very real implications for real estate, creating a new wave of expectations and opportunities. Owners, occupiers and service providers are looking for new models-grounded in the concept of agility-to deliver highly effective workplaces, differentiated assets and optimized portfolios that yield more value for the organizations and the people they serve.