Frank Havermans' Suspended Workspace for Akzonobel Looks Faster than a Mcleren


The newest design out of studio frank havermans — KAPKAR/ WS1P- AN — suspends itself off the ground. the zig-zaggy, elevated-workspace was designed for the head office at Akzonobel, a paint and performance coating company based in Amsterdam, but it looks like it belongs on a track more than an office environment. if a mclaren were a desk, it would probably look like this.


The office-space-ship’s colors were derived from the new Akzonobel colors for the new Mclaren F1 car MCL33: papaya spark and burton blue. The orange stripe gives the design some speed, while the sharp angles and long depth pay homage to mclaren’s historic victories on the track. studio frank havermans‘ KAPKAR/ WS1P- AN definitely looks and feels fast. suspended between two structural columns, it is a small, yet exposed space for a single pilot to operate. Would being in this cockpit increase the speed and accuracy of your workflow?