Bisley 2018 MATTER OF FACT at CDW


Having relocated to an impressive new showroom in Dallington Street in the heart of Clerkenwell, Bisley, the British storage specialists, are opening the doors to visitors of Clerkenwell Design Week (May 22nd-24th) for the first time as residents.

On Tuesday the exhibition Bisley 2018 Matter of Fact opens. Curated in collaboration with critically acclaimed design magazine Dirty Furniture, this exhibition explores how human storage needs have changed in contemporary times and in the age of digital media. The featured works included are by Sam Jacob, Jurgen Bey, El Ultimo Grito, Parsons & Charlesworth, Tobias Revell, Birgit Severin, Talin Hazbar, Aric Chen, Jo Anne Butler and Théophile Blandet. Each contributor has been asked to put forward an object that they think encapsulates 2018, and that they think it is important to carry forth.

Displayed in specially designed cabinets engineered and manufactured at Bisley's Newport factory, the objects within have been chosen to encapsulate the present day. Inspired by time capsules, the conceptual cabinets themselves have been designed as a piece of furniture for the home, in which households of the future will place their most cherished objects, keeping them safe and sound for future generations to enjoy.

Helen Owen, Director of Business Development Bisley, says: “We're thrilled to be staging the Bisley 2018 Matter of Fact exhibition with Dirty Furniture during Clerkenwell Design Week and look forward to welcoming visitors to the exhibition in our London showroom and in future, as it tours our spaces in New York, Paris, Dublin and Dubai.”

The new showroom space on Dallington Street draws on the extensive ranges of contemporary storage and working solutions designed and made by Bisley. Used across the large open floorplan, ranges including the sleek noise dampening Glide cabinets, smart and simple Lateralfile lodges and lockers and Be, the agile workplace system, carve out colorful spaces for collaborative or concentrated work and create opportunities for group meetings or impromptu communication.