Perkins+Will passionately explored innovative methods for bringing an optimal, modern workplace environment into a building that sat vacant for 22 years when we made the recent move into the renovated Dallas High School. Presented with the unique opportunity to design a space for architects and designers, we focused on features that truly transform the workplace and will continue to influence our client work. We were able to “walk the talk,” so to speak, of what we recommend for ideal work environments, and we have turned into reality some of the latest in office design.

Incorporate and Support Company Culture in the Space

We strived to create an environment that exemplifies design excellence through capturing the legacy of one of the largest offices of a global architecture and design firm, the vibrancy of our culture in Dallas and the spirit of innovation we bring to our work. We sought an iconic location to highlight a firm-wide commitment to sustainability and reuse, employee wellness and a forward-thinking workplace design, which led us to select the former Dallas High School as our new home.

The alignment of the building’s features with the core beliefs of our firm, including the sustainable repurposing of an existing structure, walkability, and proximity to mass transit, sealed the deal for our relocation to the high school. Even more, we built out the new office to be a living lab, allowing us to implement processes and experience designs firsthand in a way that directly applies to improving clients’ projects and reshaping the corporate landscape.

To foster company culture, the final space brings an environment that supports our values in the way we want to work: offering visual accessibility, providing breakout spaces, encouraging circulation, integrating technology and providing a venue for unique events through adaptable spaces. For example, the former school auditorium now serves as a multi-functional space that accommodates large office meetings, including balcony seating, continuing education classes and after hours banquet events.

Allow for Flexibility and Adaptability

In today’s fast-paced, constantly evolving workplace, it’s essential that offices are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to ensure new spaces stand the test of time. In our case, workspace areas are designed with a variety of seating types and collaboration areas, largely open concept with private huddle rooms and conference spaces to suit different needs. We have incorporated pinnable wall space, sit-to-stand desks, flexible shelving and islands to accommodate employees’ preferred working styles and easy walk-up collaboration. Critical to the success of these multi-functional spaces that are highly collaborative is the acoustic performance of the space; we are exploring economical solutions we can bring to our clients in similar environments.

In addition to studio workstations, different types of breakout spaces provide a mix of activity, quiet, social, private, collaborative, and restorative zones. The main area serves as the reception and lobby space, as well as a multipurpose spot for daily collaboration, continuing education lectures and large functions.

Being a nimble office used to changing needs and environments we are also adding more seats currently as we recently welcomed new colleagues from the lauckgroup, following an acquisition in March. Lucky for us we already think alike and even purchased the same furniture system, unbeknownst to us… great minds think alike!