Configura to showcase CET Designer 9.0 and new Augmented Reality Extension at NeoCon


Configura, maker of CET Designer software, announces enhancements and new functionalities with the release of CET Designer 9.0 on May 21, and a new augmented reality (AR) CET Designer Extension unveiling this June at NeoCon.

During NeoCon, Configura will showcase the latest features in CET Designer and will be giving away a free registration to their 11th Annual CET Designer User and Developer Conference this fall in Grand Rapids, MI.

Joining Configura in its booth will be Minneapolis-based Praxik, creator of the new CET Designer Extension – InstantAR Pro – to demo its new technology.
Praxik offers mixed-reality solutions for businesses, including InstantAR Pro, which lets CET Designer users “project” their interior designs in empty or furnished spaces using a smart phone or tablet device.

InstantAR Pro builds on the InstantAR Extension launched earlier this year; one of the pro version's features is the "comparison effect," which lets designers and their clients compare the current design side by side with the proposed design on their phone or tablet. Another feature will allow designers to scale down large designs and preview them in the "dollhouse" mode.

Companies like Praxik collaborate with Configura to create CET Designer Extensions. There are two types of Extensions: Product Extensions and Utility Extensions. A Product Extension is an addition to the program with functionality that incorporates all of the rules, parts and pricing of a given manufacturer's products. A Utility Extension is a functional improvement or add-on that enhances the user experience and design process. InstantAR Pro is a Utility Extension.

Configura will demo CET Designer 9.0 and Praxik will demo InstantAR Pro at NeoCon 2018 in space 7-5129 at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago.