Arconas Launches inPower Hub and Place Wireless Charging Tablet


Arconas has launched two new public furniture solutions, the inPower hub and Place wireless charging tablet, to bring additional power options to high-traffic waiting areas. The inPower hub is a sleek wall-mounted counter system designed with an integrated inPower flex 3 module for people to charge their personal electronics. Arconas has also seamlessly integrated wireless charging technology into the tablet arm of their Place seating series.

inPower hub

The inPower hub takes advantage of unused wall space to create a respite area, with ample room for short-term multi-taskers to pause, work, eat, take a phone call, and recharge. The counter system, along with an optional noise dampening panel, offers an area for visual and acoustic privacy.

“The inPower hub was created to bring additional counter space and power solutions to un-used walls and corridors,” says Pablo Reich, Arconas' Executive Vice President. “It creates a quiet oasis where people can relax, charge, work, or take a phone call at ease.”

The inPower™ hub was designed by leading Canadian design studio Fig40 and can be mounted at 3 different heights: wheelchair, standing, and seated. Mounted below the counter is an inPower flex 3 module that includes two AC receptacles and two USB-C ports. Multiple inPower hubs can be mounted side by side and the power modules can be connected through a single power outlet to maximize power options without incurring additional coring costs. The hub is also simple to install and has minimal contact with the floor for clear sight lines and easy maintenance.

Place Wireless Charging Tablet

Wireless charging technology has been seamlessly integrated into the tablet arm of Arconas' Place seating series, allowing users to conveniently and safely charge their compatible phones. The unit complies with the latest version 1.2 Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) standard, also know as Qi, a widely popular industry standard used by major smartphone companies including Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, and Blackberry.