Richard Meier takes leave of absence following sexual harassment allegations

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier said he was "deeply troubled and embarrassed" by accusations of sexual harassment against him, as he temporarily stepped down from his company.

Meier's statement came after the New York Times published allegations from five women, including four former employees.

"I am deeply troubled and embarrassed by the accounts of several women who were offended by my words and actions," Meier said in a statement published on the Richard Meier & Partners website.

"While our recollections may differ, I sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended by my behaviour," Meier wrote.

Meier takes six-month leave of absence

"Effective today, I am taking a six-month leave of absence as Founder and Managing Partner," said Meier. "I am leaving the company in the hands of a dedicated and outstanding senior management team, which has spent the past three decades serving our clients and building our firm's success."