New Research Reveals 6 Trends Powering Coworking in Asia

Published this month, Cushman and Wakefield’s latest coworking research, “Asia Pacific Coworking Trends: Space is Now a Business Solution”, closely examines the key factors that are powering the growth of coworking and shared workspaces in APAC.

The Asian coworking market has boomed over the past couple of years. Even back in 2015, the pace at which coworking was growing in the region was astounding. 

“Coworking in Asia, China specifically, is making coworking in the US look like it’s standing still,” Liz Elam, Executive Producer of GCUC, said after the first GCUC China edition in 2015. What Elam said remains true even today, and not just for China. 

According to Cushman & Wakefield’s research, “with memberships growing at a higher than global average of 40%, coworking operators have been an important demand catalyst across Asia Pacific.” In fact, the shared workspace industry has leased more than 8 million square feet over the last two years.