CIFF is being Re-Invented for 2019


As this year draws to a close the industry is looking to the future and making plans for 2019. The organizers of the first major show of the year, the China International Furniture Fair, (CIFF) have planned a show which, in their words, has been 'completely reinvented' to provide both excitement and a spirit of innovation for those in attendance.

The 43rd edition of CIFF's theme is “Platform of first choice for launch of new products and trade.” With this year's theme the organizers are emphasizing CIFF's commitment to offering the best global platform for exhibitors to launch their latest innovations.

This platform once primarily for Chinese professionals has come to include a growing number of international attendees and buyers. CIFF draws more visitors from outside of China then any other Chinese fair or show. Out of CIFF's 200,000 visitors and professionals, 30,000 have been from outside of China. The very best in Chinese design and quality and the most sought after products will be on display.

The quality of the Chinese products continues to increase, including the fit and finish of the final product. Gone are the days of predominately low quality materials and products. Also attendees are finding it harder to find blatant knockoffs around every corner.

The organizers strive to find ways to continually reinvent CIFF as a response to the needs of the exhibitors as well as the attendees. They accomplish this by providing organizational solutions and hosting the most important brands from China as well as other important international brands.

Included in the reinvention of CIFF the organizers are offering a complete experience for attendees. CIFF includes the complete supply chain from raw materials to machinery and components.

To add further to the experience they have added new events and seminars as well as newly refurbished reception, meeting areas and VIP lounges. These areas will be a welcomed addition to improve the experience of those in attendance.

The second phase of the 43rd edition, which is dedicated to office furniture, has also been reinvented with an expansion. The office show has expanded beyond the China Import and Export Fair Complex which has been the location for previous spring additions of CIFF to include the nearby Nanfung International Convection and Exhibition Centre. This expanded area will be area E of CIFF and will be dedicated to smart offices and products designed for intelligent solutions for the modern office and workplace.

The organizers have also reinvented and upgraded events which provide a preview and insight of the trends in office furniture and design. The 43rd edition of CIFF will include a large area to provide programs rich in design activities and exhibitions, including the Office Life Theme Pavilion.

Office Life Theme Pavilion is designed to analyzes workspace design and trends. It is designed to give architects, interior designers and product designers a venue to explore ideas for the office and the workplace.

The designs and trends in the workplace of the future will tend to be a more relaxed and inviting environment where employees can feel more at ease and more comfortable, allowing for an increase in inspiration and creativity. This increase in creativity can lead to better ideas and improved problem solving. This welcome and relaxed atmosphere can also increase the efficiency of the workplace.

CIFF is composed of a spring and a fall edition. The spring edition which is the larger of the two is held in Guangzhou and takes place at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. This edition will host over 4,100 exhibitors and cover an exhibition space of more than 760,000 square meters, 10,000 more than last year's edition edition.

The spring edition is divided into two phases. The first is for home furnishings and the second is for office furniture. The office furniture phase will begin on March 28th and run through March 31st.