Humanscale Expands Lighting Collection With Launch of Nova and Horizon 2.0

Humanscale’s two new task lights, Nova and Horizon 2.0, are now ready to order,  Nova and Horizon offer a smarter, healthier choice for offices and the environment.

“As the lines between office and home blur, products need to offer functionality paired with simple, clean aesthetics. Nova and Horizon 2.0 are highly versatile LED task lights that combine industry-leading technology with a contemporary yet timeless design,” says Mesve Vardar, Director of Industrial Design at Humanscale. “We are thrilled to introduce these new lighting additions that are at the forefront of sustainability and performance.”

Nova and Horizon 2.0 reduce eye strain and improve overall comfort by providing glare-free light that intuitively adjusts for a range of activities, from reading documents to writing emails, and everything in between. With these new additions that enhance ergonomic health and productivity, Humanscale continues to demonstrate its leadership and advance the task lighting category forward. In fact, Nova and Horizon 2.0, along with Humanscale’s Infinity are the only task lights in the industry made without Red List Chemicals.  

While natural light in the workplace is widely recognized as a positive influence on productivity, creativity, and mood by optimizing inner circadian rhythms, it’s just one of many light sources needed to fully address well-being. Today, with a multitude of backlit screens and the rise of open floor plans, task lighting, as a supplement to natural or overhead lighting, has never been more important for the optimal employee experience.



Designed to complement any work surface and enhance any workstyle, the new Nova task light offers endless adaptability in a striking, sculptural form. Featuring a custom lens and a large-array multi-chip LED, Nova creates soft, glare-free light. This inventive, ergonomic design protects the eyes against strain, faithfully renders colors and produces a single shadow on a work surface. Offering effortless, precise control, Nova brightens and dims with the touch of a finger. Its responsive counterbalance arms swing in 180 degrees while its revolutionary ‘Forever Hinge’ ensure the light’s position remains secure. Sustainably engineered, Nova received Energy Star 2.0 certification and contributes to LEED, WELL and Living Building Challenge standards. Its advanced occupancy sensors, which recognize a lack of movement, automatically shut off the light to conserve energy and costs. Responding to current needs for smart, energy-efficient lighting with a timeless aesthetic, Nova will perform today and for years to come. Nova is available in two sizes and three colors: Black, Light Gray and White.


Horizon 2.0
Improving upon the prestigious Red-Dot Product winning design from Michael McCoy and Peter Stasis, Humanscale’s Horizon 2.0 implements the latest LED technology to produce its signature, ultra-thin plane of light with greater efficiency. Committed to using only healthy, sustainable materials, Humanscale’s Horizon 2.0 uses TPU material, a PVC alternative, in its power supply. It also holds Energy Star 2.0 certification. At the base of the task light, a seamless touch interface offers more precise control to adjust brightness. As a result, Horizon 2.0 features a cleaner overall aesthetic to complement its elegant, slim base. This next-generation design raises the bar for task lighting and will no doubt inspire like its predecessor, a feature in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Horizon 2.0 is available in five vibrant colors: Bronze Gold, Silver, Jet Black, Arctic White, Twilight Blue and Morning Pink.