BiSemA Corporation partner with SAP

BiSemA Corporation announced today that it has signed on as a partner with SAP, the multinational software corporation. 

BiSemA Corporation, the first cloud-based contract office furniture specification service, has completed its development phase and will start its production phase using SAP Business ByDesign.

“BiSemA implementing it’s cloud-based specification service using SAP is a milestone in the contract office furniture specification industry. This partnership will bring new specification features in cloud services for both the office furniture manufacturing companies, as well as office furniture dealers.” said Semegne Tafesse, founder and CEO of BiSemA Corporation.

Furniture manufacturers will benefit from the many advantages of having their product catalog available on the SAP cloud. Powerful marketing tools introduce the catalog in its many different configurations to dealers and other users. Vital product information will be easily accessible and rendered on one web specification page.

BiSemA & SAP’s cloud data process needs only 48 hours to make the manufacturer’s catalog ready for the market, whether it is a new catalog, a price increase or any other update to the catalog for any reason. This will make catalogs more easily available and increase the speed at which dealers receive new information. The new SAP cloud furniture catalog can also hold different price values or finishes for the same catalog depending on the geographical region.

Furniture dealers will no longer need to download new catalog or wait for DVDs in the mail and install software for every new catalog released by manufacturers. Users can navigate different sections of the catalog using product image icon or a menu, which also retrieves relevant product information, such as the price guide installation guide and other useful product information. 

The BiSemA app can create space layouts in local AutoCAD, Revit, pCon and SketchUp applications. It can also send specified products from the user’s shopping cart or space layout to the BiSemA app. Users can also download product drawings in different CAD formats, and export according to differing industry standards from the shopping cart. Using SAP Business ByDesign, users can then send this information to manufacturers for production of furniture products.

BiSemA allows the transfer of selected product drawing symbols from the cloud shopping cart to a local CAD application, inserting the product symbol for a space layout. The programming required to transfer product symbols to a local CAD application is patent pending with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

“To create workstations, collaborative work places or multi-use areas where users feel comfortable, furniture dealers need a higher standard of specification service, that work with the latest BIM CAD applications. With SAP’s leading ERP cloud services, users will be able to access many furniture catalogs easily to create the space layout.” said Biruk Dubale, co-founder and CIO of BiSemA.

The SAP Business ByDesign production for BiSemA Corporation contract office furniture specification production of the service will be available in the early March 2019.