Coca-Cola’s Headquarters Have A Refreshing New Look

[Photo: © Garrett Rowland]

[Photo: © Garrett Rowland]

Over its 131-year history, Coca-Cola has reinvented itself time and again, first as a remedy for ailments, then as a beverage, then as a marketing machine selling refreshment, youth, and happiness.

But at a time where science links sugary drinks to negative health effects like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, there is growing skepticism around its namesake product. Soda sales in the United States have plummeted, and Coke is diversifying its portfolio to include more non-soda beverages. Today, the company hopes to reinvent itself once again–this time as an innovation leader, and to do so, it has turned to its own headquarters.

Built up between the 1960s and 1980s, the company’s Atlanta headquarters was woefully stuck in the past and hadn’t undergone a revamp since the 1990s. Working with the global architecture firm Gensler, Coca-Cola embarked on a renovation to transform its campus–and work culture–into the brand’s best advertisement for itself.

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