Is a Noisy Office drowning your Productivity?

Do you struggle to concentrate for long periods at work because your office is too noisy? Or become irritable because of constant distraction and working longer to catch up?

I considered office noise after two interviews last week. The first, by phone, was a mess. Loud background noise made it hard to hear and the interviewee asked two colleagues who chatted near his desk to move on.

The second interview, in person, was at a CBD office tower. The useless open-plan office format had few meeting rooms, so the interview was held at a spare desk. Constant noise and worker interactions made it hard for the interviewee to concentrate.

I wondered how people who are susceptible to high office noise maintain their productivity. Some people need quiet spaces to perform, yet modern offices have hardly any.

The open-plan office, with its lack of offices, partitions and other noise-absorbing devices, is the main culprit in the war on noise. The push to create more collaborative, creative workplaces has made some employees feel like battery chickens.

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