A task light for the modern employee: Brooklyn AC

With 92% of 18-29 year-olds owning smartphones, chances are employers are constantly hearing, “Do you have a phone charger?” echo throughout the office.

Charging stations are a without a doubt a modern day necessity—tablets, laptops, phones —all require charging throughout the day. LUX LED Lighting, manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions, has introduced a task light that provides a functional spot for charging, while also offering easy-to-use touch-activated LED illumination. Additional details below:

  • Brooklyn AC is equipped with two universal AC sockets that work with US, UK, Euro, and other international adapters—giving international business travelers a convenient electrical option for any devices that are not U.S. standard
  • The task light has two USB ports and an integrated phone mount, perfect for plugging in devices
  • Brooklyn AC has LED light panel technology, which casts energy-efficient, warm, white light and can be adjusted to three touch-activated brightness settings
  • The lamp base comes with a residue-free adhesive stabilizing pad that keeps it upright and firm to the desk
  • The task light is available in a Brushed Aluminum or Black Slate finish.