Task chair retains throne as a staple of the office

As the office environment and the technology workers use are changing at a rapid pace, the office chair and desk remain much the same as the centrepiece of any office. However, while many organizations focus on the design and layout of the desk and furniture systems, the office chair can be an afterthought. It shouldn’t be, considering the amount of time that a typical employee sits in the chair doing work: more than 1,600 hours per year assuming a typical eight-hour workday including breaks.

For organizations, or even individuals working from a home-based office, there needs to be as much thought put into selecting the office chair as designing the rest of the office. The office chair provides a structural support for the body during sitting to reduce the overall risk for musculoskeletal injury. Spending long periods of time sitting can be stressful on the body, especially the low back, hip flexors, shoulder and forearm areas.

The design of the office chair must be able to support the body. To select the right office chair for an organization, consider price, user testing, and aesthetics.

Via reminetwork.com