Salone del Mobile.Milano Award: the second edition

Best Product – Workplace3.0: Io.T / studio Gtp and Tecno

Best Product – Workplace3.0: Io.T / studio Gtp and Tecno

8th June, 2017: the winners of the 2nd edition of the international award, devised by the Salone del Mobile.Milano to give further prominence to the outstanding exhibits at last April’s 56th edition, were announced at the Triennale Teatro dell’Arte in Milan.

The award is intended to recognize the value of ideas, creativity, innovation and technology that together contrive to make the event the world’s most acclaimed international vehicle for cutting edge design trends and the very latest in home living.

The award is presented to well-known and emerging designers, displays and products.

The winners are as follows:

Best Product – Workplace3.0: Io.T / studio Gtp and Tecno

For their skill in combining innovative technological features and functionality with the human relational demands of the contemporary office environment.

Best Product – Euroluce: Filo / Andrea Anastasio / Foscarini

For his ability to reread tradition in a contemporary and international vein, bringing new structural meaning to the notion of decoration and personalising mass production.

Best Product – xLux: D.Vision3 / Ferruccio Laviani / F.lli Boffi

For the ability to carry forward traditional classic design codes into contemporary culture. A sign of a new eclecticism that underscores the powers of craftsmanship.

Best Product – Classic: Black & White Collection / Provasi

For their skill in combining contemporary materials, processes and decorations (the coverings in nubuck leather and fabric, the faintly Orientalist silver studs) and shapes drawn from the great models of the past, thus informing an original and in its own way innovative style, while maintaining continuity with traditional classical elegance.

Best Display: Flos / Calvi Brambilla

A display that goes beyond the traditional concept of a trade fair stand thanks to its ability to draw visitors through the light sources as if in a narration. From the exterior to the interior, where lights, colours, materials and solids and voids play out masterfully.

Best Product – Furnishing: Pack / Francesco Binfaré / Edra

Because it turns a functional object into a sort of transitional metaphor: a comfortable sofa with a new take on posture, welcoming and cosy. It is also a domestic landscape that becomes a manifesto for the great changes wrought across the ages.

Best Emerging Designer: Elena Salmistraro

For her ability to enable her own expressive powers of imagination to dialogue with mass production, fuelling new food for thought.

Best Designer: Philippe Starck

For the consistency with which, over the years, he has created objects that speak an international language. A contemporary master who never fails to surprise.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ernesto Gismondi

For his sense of contemporaneity, his innate talent at working up boundless formal solutions that meld lightness with evocations of a near future.

Special Jury Prize: Marva Griffin

For her generosity and far-sightedness in believing in a project for and with young people: a massively deserved tribute to a woman to whom we are all grateful and indebted.