"Apple's new campus sucks" according to Wired magazine

Foster + Partners' Apple Park is an "anachronism wrapped in glass" that provides a poor model for company campuses, claims the first major critical review of the project, published by technology magazine Wired.

The eagerly anticipated Apple Park finally began welcoming the tech giant's employees in April 2017, eight years since the late Steve Jobs hired Norman Foster for the project.

As the campus is still not fully complete, there has so far been little in the form of criticism of the ring-shaped structure, its surrounding park and ancillary buildings.

But Wired has published a scathing review – mainly criticising the project's lack of consideration for responding to, or improving, the Bay Area city of Cupertino in which it is located.

"Apple's new HQ is a retrograde, literally inward-looking building with contempt for the city where it lives and cities in general," reads the article, titled If You Care About Cities, Apple's New Campus Sucks.

Its author, Wired deputy editor Adam Rogers, likens the futuristic-looking campus to the suburban tech headquarters of the 1950s.

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