Functional Flexibility: 7 Terraced Staircases Imagined for Communal Gathering

Have you ever been called to a meeting room only to arrive in an underwhelming cube, where you immediately begin to shuffle chairs around like bumper cars? And after all that kerfuffle, there still remains one isolated worker standing in the corner, without a car of their own to park around the table. While not disastrous on any scale, these repetitive and sometimes awkward encounters are avoidable, and largely delineated by an unsuitably executed built environment. Such situations — whether similarly inconsequential or more cataclysmic — are simple indications that good architectural and design interventions, are essential in our everyday work environments.

Today, flexible gathering spaces with the ability to facilitate diverse working contexts have become paramount features of dynamic and productive spaces. By providing such arenas, it is increasingly within reach to create nurturing spaces that consider a diverse set of workers and approaches to completing tasks. Throughout the following projects, these enigmatic terraced staircases act as the magnetic hearts of each design, and provide unique areas for alternate approaches to meeting, co-working and carrying out the work day. Finally, they allow individuals to gather, create self-driven narrative scenes and produce a strong unified image of what collaboration can look like.