Crème De La Crème: The Best Coworking Spaces In The World

All coworking spaces are created differently, so nailing down a list is no easy task, especially when the number of coworking spaces keeps growing significantly on a global scale. Here’s how Deskbookers went about the task:

“We at Deskbookers spoke to a lot of people, slipped in our personal experiences with coworking, and spared no effort to create a list with the most exceptional coworking spaces all over the world.”

Luckily, they understand that the main value proposition of coworking isn’t really the physical space. “Coworking is about a spirit that unites various components.”

So they devised a way to rank coworking spaces that would incorporate both the physical as well as the community component of workspaces. Deskbookers agreed on three factors that can be used to differentiate spaces that truly capture the essence of the coworking movement.

Location. Innovativeness. Community.

Deskbookers gave a maximum of 50 points per criterion, meaning that each space getting ranked could get a score of up to 150 points.

The results are in. You can check out all 150 spaces here