Why co-working spaces are on the rise

The market demand for co-working space in Toronto is relatively new, but has been growing steadily over the past 10 years, spurring an increase in supply.

Co-working space refers to a shared work environment that a group of people from different employers share. Users of co-working space are often self-employed, frequent travellers, and work in either small start-up companies or with smaller non-profit organizations. The individuals and organizations who rent co-working space also vary across numerous industries.

Most co-working spaces come complete with office furniture, phones, IT requirements, an assortment of meeting spaces, boardrooms, copy and print areas, and kitchen furnishings. Both private and open office areas are often shared by a number of people within an organization. Other attributes typically featured within co-working environments are dedicated desks, virtual offices, presentation spaces, shared common spaces and event space.

Via reminetwork.com