The Office is Over: Q+A with BuzziSpace CEO Steve Symons

In 2007, commercial furniture manufacturer BuzziSpace burst onto the design scene with its proprietary textile, BuzziFelt, made entirely from 100 percent upcycled plastic bottle waste. Within the same year, the Antwerp, Belgium–based company began offering acoustic mitigation products such as felt panels for wall and ceiling applications, as well as office partitions. The company’s offerings continued to expand further each year to include workspace furniture systems, lighting, and outdoor furniture—nearly all of which feature BuzziFelt.

From Oct. 24–26, BuzziSpace celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting over 200 architects, designers, and journalists from around the world for an international press event in Antwerp. The trip included tours of the company’s main headquarters, city headquarters, and manufacturing facility. The event’s theme, “10 years of happiness at work,” was emphasized throughout these extensive tours, showcasing BuzziSpace products being used and integrated in its own work environments. ARCHITECT spoke with BuzziSpace founder and CEO Steve Symons about the company culture, sustainable manufacturing, and the future of office space design.

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