Watch: Microsoft built a treehouse for employees

Microsoft announced the treehouse in a blog post, where the company revealed it teamed up with builder Pete Nelson of the television show Treehouse Masters to create the new workspace.

Twelve feet off the ground, treehouse number one features charred-wood walls and a soaring ceiling with a round skylight that lets in just a bubble of blue. It’s more Hobbit than HQ, with cinnamon-colored shingles and a gingerbread-house feel.

A hand-carved arched double door glides open at the swipe of a badge. The almost mustardy fragrance of rough-hewn cedar is instantaneous. Inside the small room nests a simple farmhouse table with rust-red seats. Box benches line the reclaimed-wood walls, dark as campfire smoke.

Is this just another example of a  kooky workspace to appeal to millennials? No, according to Microsoft’s post. The company says the motive behind the treehouse was scientific studies that show being in nature stimulates the brain and reduces stress, which could lead to greater productivity.